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Here at GUG HQ we get approached many times a week to take on new ambassadors.  This is something we simply cannot offer everyone and it is really difficult saying no however we could not resist Allee.

Allee has been a huge fan of giddyupgirl for many years now and through the years has constantly tagged us in pictures of her wearing our gear and looking fab.  As a business we are always looking for ways to promote our brand and photos are the best way to do this so Allee seemed like a perfect fit for us.

Allee is aiming high and wants to go to the Olympics one day representing Australia in Showjumping.
We look forward to sharing Allees journey with you all.

Meet Allee...

Hi, I’m Allee I’m 11yrs old and have two horses Lady and Jig.
My favourite discipline is showjumping and I’m not quite sure what got me into horse riding, but I started at 3yrs old and I’ve always loved horses.
Every year I’d go on a trail for my birthday in different places. Byron beach riding was a highlight.💕🐴

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