About Us

giddyupgirl & giddyup Australia designs on-trend, practical and affordable garments to make you feel and look your best in and outside of the arena. Designing for Australian and international riders for 18 years.

giddyupgirl is the inspiration of mother of three, Tammy Raine, who has a long history with fashion design and modeling.

While watching her (then) 11-year old horse-crazy daughter 17 years ago at Horse Training Camp, Tammy noticed that most girls were wearing surf and street brands! After the class, Tammy chatted to the girls about the idea of a fashion label especially for them, for girls that ride horses - not waves! Receiving a passionate reaction to the concept, Tammy started researching her idea that very afternoon.

With over 15 years as an international model (including being TV Hostess on the game show Say G'Day with Greg Evans) and working in the fashion wholesale and retail markets including Esprit and Lisa Ho, Tammy quickly developed her launch range of premium products and hit the market in May 2004. Initially distributed via the www.giddyupgirl.com.au web site and a small selection of stores, many of giddyupgirl product lines were sold out in weeks. Tammy realised she had a winning idea.

Having a very tall and slender daughter Tammy found it very difficult to buy jodhpurs to fit her body shape.  So she decided to develop a brand that would cater to that demographic as there were many other brands that catered towards the fuller child shape.

Seeing the need for actually designing unique garments as opposed to just putting a brand name on a plain garment or rehashing the same design over and over is now the focus for Tammy.  Tammy feels there is too much of the the same styles and makes it her mission to be different from the other brands.

Why are there two different names, giddyup and giddyupgirl?  Well we wanted to show that ladies clothing is going to be very different to girls clothing. So we branded the girls gear as giddyupgirl and the ladies gear for girls over 16 as giddyup. Both labels are totally dedicated to providing females who love horses, real fashion alternatives to traditional and conservative equestrian wear.

We design unique girls and ladies jodhpurs, ladies breeches, girls show shirts, girls show jackets, ladies show jackets, casual jackets, girls and ladies tights, riding shirts, riding vests, polo shirts, hats and lots of other gear too. 

The label is different as it has real horsey integrity without compromising fashion, fun and comfort. Is that the sort of thing you identify with too?

So, if you love horses and are proud of it, giddyup or giddyupgirl are the labels just for you!  : )

 Tammy Raine - Managing Director